Wellbeing- meaning both physical and mental health- is closely tied to the food we eat. Maintaining health through a good diet has never been more important. Winona Volunteer Services understands the importance of feeding our community. We provide a full-time Nutrition and Health Educator to help our clients get healthy and stay healthy by providing lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as recipes, cooking instructions, and encouragement.

The Nutrition and Health Educator provides free one-on-one consultations to answer food-related questions, and is here to help anyone make healthier food choices. The good health of community members is our main concern.

All in-person cooking classes and demonstrations have been put on hold for now, but check out the “Cooking from the Shelf” cooking videos made by Jen the Nutrition and Health Educator, just for Winona Volunteer Services!

Contact Jen to see how you can eat healthier today at (507) 452-5591 ext. 18.

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